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Krud Kutter PH3512 Waste Paint Hardener DQB 8356 3-In-1 Stripping Brush HEAT GUN DUALTEMP KIT W/ACC
Krud Kutter Waste Paint Hardener, 3.5 oz Capacity, Bag Packing, Solid, Composition: Poly Absorbant, Clear, >200 deg F Flash Point, Flammability Rating: 1, ANSI Z88.2, OSHA 1910.134, Used on Oil Based Paint Spills DQB Stripping Brush, 3-In-1, Series: 8356, 8 in Overall Length, Brass Bristle Trim, 5/8 in Trim Length, Plastic Handle, For Furniture Genesis Dual-Temperature Heat Gun, 120 V, 12.5 A, 60 Hz, 750 - 1500 W Power, 572/1000 Deg F Air Temperature, 3-Position Rocker Switch, Includes: (2) Deflector Nozzles, (1) Reflector Nozzle and (1) Air Reduction Nozzle, Standards: ETL Listed, 10/17 cu-ft/min Air Volume, For Stripping Paint and Varnish, Softening Caulk and Putty For Removal, Removing Adhesive Labels
HEAT GUN 300 DUAL TEMPERATURE Black And Decker HG1300 Heat Guns Wagner 0503040 Heat Guns
Ideal for removing paint and flooring, bending plastic, and thawing pipes. It has two temperature settings, 750F and 1100F, that are suitable for a majority of heating applications. 1200 watts/4100 BTUS. Ergonomic design for comfort and balance to reduce fatigue. Side bars prevent the hot nozzle from touching the work surface. Integrated stand for safe hands-free operation. Hanging loop for safe storage during cool-down. Black & Decker Corded Heat Gun, Dual Temperature, 120 V, 11.25 A, 1350 W Power, 750/1000 Deg F Air Temperature, 12 cfm, 1 Speed, 6 ft Cord Length, Orange, Includes: Glass Protector, Standards: UL Listed, 4606 BTUH Heat Rating Wagner Corded Heat Gun, Digital, Model: HT3500, 120 V, 12 A, 1500 W Power, 250 - 1350 deg F Air Temperature, 6 ft Cord Length, 30 cu-ft/min Air Volume, 5100 Btu/h Heat Rating, Removing flooring and paint, heating window shrink covering, electrical shrink tube and frozen water pipes
HEAT GUN 500 LED VARIABLE TEMP Porter-Cable PC1500HG Heat Guns Dewalt D26950 Heat Guns
Versatile tool that can be used for removing paint, drying spackle, thawing pipes, and removing vinyl decals. Has 12 temperature settings that range from 150F to 1200F. This multi-setting tool allows the user to set the temperature for a particular project. Includes graphic LED screen with push-button controls, 2 fan settings plus cool down mode, and durable ceramic element. Ergonomic design for comfort and balance to reduce fatigue. Side bars prevent the hot nozzle from touching the work surface. Integrated stand for safe hands-free operation. Soft-grip handle for comfort. 1500 watts/5100 BTUS. Hanging loop for storage. Porter-Cable Corded Heat Gun, General Purpose, 120 V, 1500 W Power, 120 - 1150 Deg F Air Temperature, 19 cfm, Slide, Temperature Dial Switch, 2 Speed, 6 ft Cord Length, Gray/Black/Red, Includes: Integrated Hanging Hook, Standards: UL Listed DeWalt Corded Heat Gun, Heavy Duty, 120 V, 13 A, 1550 W Power, 120 - 1100 Deg F Air Temperature, 16 cfm, 10 ft Cord Length, Yellow, Includes: Fish Tail Surface Nozzle and Cone Nozzle and Kickstand, Standards: UL Listed, For Heating Temp Sensitive Materials, Bending/Forming Plastics, Curing Resins, Drying Filler, Soldering/Desoldering and Shrink Tubing
The broad temperature range makes it ideal for a variety of projects, such as softening putty and caulk, stripping paint, and thawing frozen pipes. 117 temperature settings range from 125F to 1300F. 5 fan speeds plus cool-down setting. 1500 Watts/5100 BTUs. Durable Ceramic Element. LCD Display screen with push-button controls. Ergonomic Design for comfort and balance to reduce fatigue. Side Bars prevent the hot nozzle from touching the work surface. Integrated Stand for safe hands-free operation. Soft-Grip Handle for comfort. Hanging Loop for storage. Includes 2 nozzles & a 5-in-1 painter's tool. For removing adhesives from wood, concrete, metal and masonry.  It contains no methylene chloride, is low V.O.C., non-caustic, and biodegradable. Stays wet and active for up to 24 hours, allowing stripping of large areas in one step. With a thick coat, it can be allowed to work overnight. Removes most mastics, contact cement, floor covering adhesives, asphalt & latex adhesives in 1 to 3 hours. Covers 10-15 sq. ft. per quart. Milwaukee Corded Heat Gun, Dual Temperature, 120 VAC, 11.6 A, 1392 W Power, 570 - 1000 Deg F Air Temperature, 15 cfm, 3-Position, Rocker Switch, 10-1/2 in Overall Length, Red, Standards: cUL 21922 and UL Listed
Bosch 1942 Heat Guns
Bosch Corded Heat Gun, Heavy Duty, 120 VAC, 14.3 A, 750 - 1000 Deg F Air Temperature, 23 cfm, 1 Speed, 10 ft Cord Length, 12 in Overall Length, 5 in Overall Width, Blue, Standards: UL Listed, For Strip Paint, Shrink Tubing Or Packaging, Heat Liquids, Loosen Fittings, Thaw Pipes, Soften Caulking and Surface Finishes