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Wax Fast 85-513 Wax Applicator SM Arnold 25-406 Bug Sponge SM Arnold 85-439 Economy Bug Remover Sponge
Wax and polish applicator. Poly sponge encased in terry knit bag. Used for applying wax and polish to cars, furniture, woodwork.  Size 4-1/2" x 3-1/2". Durable poly sponge encased in nylon mesh. When wet, it is used to clean dirt and grime from windshields, chrome and whitewalls. A poly sponge encased in a nylon mesh bag. Cleans windshields, chrome and whitewalls.
SM Arnold 85-652 Vent and Dash Brush Armor All Original 10040 Protectant Gel SM Arnold 85-435BULK Rectangle Sponge
SM Arnold Vent and Dash Brush, 6 in Overall Length, Natural Boar Trim, 1.87 in Trim Length, For Quick Removal of Dust and Debris From Hard-To-Clean Seams in Automobile Dashboards, Around Vents, Radios and Speakers Armor All Original Protectant Gel, 4 oz Capacity, Refill Packing, Liquid, Milky White, Mild Odor/Scent, Composition: Silicone Emulsion, Water, 1 Specific Gravity, 7 pH, Applicable Materials: Rubber, Plastic, Vinyl SM Arnold Promotional Sponge, Rectangle, 8-1/2 in Length, 6-1/2 in Width, 2 in Thickness, Polyether, Used Around the Home and Auto
SM Arnold 25-508 Wax Applicator with Pocket Leaf Scent NOR7-3P4 Automotive Air Freshener Sure Grip 85-430 Assorted Bone Shape Sponge
Soft terry knit applicator with pocket for more control. Designed for quick and easy application of waxes, polishes and protectants to all surfaces. Can also be used to apply stain and wood finishes. Leaf Scent Air Freshener, Automotive, Hanging Paper Dispenser, Strawberry Odor/Scent Sure Grip Sponge, Assorted, Bone Shape, Sure Grip, X-Large, 8-1/2 in Length, 4-1/2 in Width, 2.7 in Thickness, Polyether, For Use Around Home/Auto
SM Arnold 85-502 Tire Dresser Applicator Leaf Scent 5074750 Air Freshener SM Arnold 25-522 Microfiber Pad
SM Arnold Tire Dresser Applicator, SM Arnold, 3-5/8 in Length, 2-3/8 in Width, 1-1/2 in Thickness, Foam Leaf Scent Air Freshener, Hanging Dispenser, New Car Odor/Scent Durable foam encased in a soft, plush Microfiber to gently and evenly apply waxes, polishes, protectants and dressings to any surface.
Leaf Scent FF10-3P Automotive Air Freshener Leaf Scent 800001639 Automotive Air Freshener STP Son Of A Gun 65254 Leather Protectant
Leaf Scent Air Freshener, Automotive, Coconut Odor/Scent Leaf Scent Air Freshener, Automotive, Hanging Paper Dispenser, Storm Odor/Scent STP Son Of A Gun Leather Protectant, 10 oz Capacity, Pump Dispenser, Liquid, Milky White, Vanilla Odor/Scent, Composition: Dimethylpolysiloxane, 8.2 pH, Applicable Materials: Vinyl, Rubber, Plastic
Vent Fresh VNT-2 Scented Stick Air Freshener Under The Seat UTS-7 Seat Sachet Under The Seat UTS-23 Seat Sachet
Vent Fresh Air Freshener, Scented Stick, Cherry Odor/Scent, Using the Flow of air Through Your Heat and Air Conditioning Unit Under The Seat Seat Sachet, Strawberry Odor/Scent, Used in the Car, Home or Office Under The Seat Seat Sachet, Vanilla Odor/Scent, Used in the Car, Home or Office
Vent Fresh VNT-23 Scented Stick Air Freshener Vent Fresh 5079138 Assortment Air Freshener Ultra Gel UG23-1BK Air Freshener
Thin, discreet shape that clips directly into the car vent. The long end fits into the vent and is barely visible, while the small rectangular end remains slightly outside the vent unit. Uses the flow of air through the heat and air conditioning unit to deliver a pleasant scent. Card of four. Vent Fresh Air Freshener, Assortment, Hanging Dispenser, Strawberry/Vanilla Odor/Scent Ultra Gel Air Freshener, Vanilla Odor/Scent, Used in Your Vehicle, Home, Garage, Office, Boat, and Locker
Ultra Gel UG29-1BK Air Freshener Ultra Gel UG10-1BK Air Freshener Ultra Gel UG7-1BK Air Freshener
Ultra Gel Air Freshener, Tropic Berry Odor/Scent, Used in Your Vehicle, Home, Garage, Office, Boat, and Locker Ultra Gel Air Freshener, Coconut Odor/Scent, Used in Your Vehicle, Home, Garage, Office, Boat, and Locker Ultra Gel Air Freshener, Strawberry Odor/Scent, Used in Your Vehicle, Home, Garage, Office, Boat, and Locker
Select 85-710 Polishing Cloth SM Arnold 25-325 Small Wash Mitt Select 85-760 Shop Towel
Select Polishing Cloth, 6 oz, Natural, Used for Removing Wax, Polish Residue and for General Cleaning SM Arnold Wash Mitt, Small, SM Arnold, 6 X 10 in, Acrylic, With Cuff Mechanic red 100 percent cotton towels with hemmed edges. Size 13" x 15".
SM Arnold 85-645 Detailing Brush SM Arnold 85-745 Cheese Cloth Vent Fresh 5075704 Air Freshener
SM Arnold Detailing Brush, SM Arnold, Brass/Nylon/Stainless Steel Block, Wood/Plastic Handle SM Arnold Cheese Cloth, 4 oz, Bag Packing, Extra Soft, Lint Free, Used for Polishing, Cleaning and Wiping Vent Fresh Air Freshener, Scented Oil, Red, Bing Cherry Odor/Scent, Composition: Benzaldehyde, Benzyl Salicylate, Hexyl Salicylate, 0.994 - 1.004 Specific Gravity, 81 deg C Flash Point, ASTM D4052
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